Hypoglycemia 101 – Podcast #4

Hypoglycemia 101 – Podcast #4

In this fourth HSF podcast, Founder and CEO of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation focus on using “old school” and cutting-edge technology to control hypoglycemia. Opportunities to get involved to test and develop cutting edge solutions to improve blood sugar health, such as continuous glucose monitors, fitbits, and applications that can filter out harmful substances in the food supply.

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Debunking Myths about Diet

How to Shop and Cook with Real Food: https://hypoglycemia.org/real-food-science-health

New School – Cutting edge


  • A report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that the benefits of digital health tools that are not regulated by the agency outweigh the risks…
  • Two of the least helpful metrics are body weight (counting pounds) and (counting) calories
  • The bio-impedance scale – Measure body fat, muscle mass, BMI (body mass index, etc.): In-Body Scan – available in bariatric (weight-loss) clinics https://www.inbody.com/global/intro/Technology.aspx


THE GLUCOSE ZONE – A concept and an APP

A key idea that may help your health is to identify your ideal “Glucose Zone”

CONCEPT: Instead of targeting a specific level, the aim of managing blood sugar is to keep glucose levels within a healthy range or ZONE. The American Diabetes Association recommends target levels of 70–130 mg/dL before eating for a person with diabetes. Within 2 hours of eating a meal, blood glucose levels should be less than 180mg/dL




New technology to help us shop for healthier foods – the Perfact / HSF Filter: https://hypoglycemia.org/perfact-solution/

Leaving you with top take away messages…

  1. DO a diet/symptom diary…a must!
  2. Do know everything about the GTT before making a decision whether to have it or not
  3. Do check out our Diet Suggestion and the importance of “individualization”
  4. Review Wolfram’s suggested tools to help you…particularly the CGM.  
  5. What is Perfact…check it out on our website…it’s the future of …. 
  6. Take this information and share it with your health care practitioner… don’t be afraid to educate your doctor!


Marsha Thadison – 4YourHealth Blog Talk Radio

Marsha Thadison – 4YourHealth Blog Talk Radio


Welcome to 4 Your Health Radio w/ Marsha Thadison. This health show is designed to inform everyday people about the benefits of healthy food for our mind, body, and soul. On this show, people will learn how to prepare meals, to be for medicine and much more. This radio show will help put the power of good health back into the hands of the people.

Today on the Marsha Thadison will bring back and talked with Roberta Ruggiero Founder and President and CEO Wolfram Anderson of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation.


To all my 4 Your Health Listeners this program/radio show advises all that the information presented here is for the purpose of information, and education only. It should not be construed as offering medical advice or the diagnosis and or treatment of any illness, injury, condition or prevention for any health problems the viewer should consult licensed physician or health care practitioner for proper diagnosis and or treatment.

Hypoglycemia 101 – Podcast #4

Hypoglycemia 101 – Podcast #3

This third Hypoglycemia 101 Podcast is a series focused on deepening your knowledge of hypoglycemia and improving your blood sugar health. Our third broadcast focuses on what to do AFTER you have seen your doctor and been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Brought to you by hosts Wolfram Alderson, CEO, and Roberta Ruggiero, Founder and President, Hypoglycemia Support Foundation.

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Books on Hypoglycemia


Hypoglycemia 101 – Podcast #4

Hypoglycemia 101 – Podcast #2

The Hypoglycemia 101 Podcast is up and running! Our second broadcast focuses on preparing to talk to your health care provider, testing options, and how to find the right doctor. Brought to you by hosts Wolfram Alderson, CEO, and Roberta Ruggiero, Founder and President, Hypoglycemia Support Foundation.

Some of the links referenced in this podcast:







Our next podcast: What to do after seeing the doctor.


Hypoglycemia 101 – Podcast #4

Hypoglycemia 101 – Podcast #1

Welcome to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation podcast “Hypoglycemia 101”.

Our first podcast introduces you to HSF Founder and President, Roberta Ruggiero. Wolfram Alderson, CEO of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation talks with Roberta about her electrifying story of how she came to found the HSF.

Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

“Blood Sugar Dysregulation – the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster” is the presentation shared by Wolfram Alderson at the May 16, 2019 meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute in Palo Alto, CA.

“Blood sugar roller coaster” is non-technical term referring to dysglycemia – glucose accumulating in the blood, causing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), or glucose levels falling, leading to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia can lead to emergency room treatment, hospitalization, and if not treated, can cause long-term health complications including death. The physiology underlying dysglycemia is highly variable between individuals. There are a number of possible physiological reasons for increased glucose variability, including, but not limited to, insulin resistance and impaired insulin secretion. In most cases, glycemic variability is driven by what you eat.