Dr. Uma Pisharody, Roberta Ruggiero, and Leslie Lee are three exceptional members of the HSF Leadership Team working at the intersection of metabolic health and nutrition.

Did you know that the majority of food purchases are made by women?

Women have the power to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of their families with decisions they make daily.

The HSF was founded by an amazing and resilient woman, Roberta Ruggiero, who went through 10 years of debilitating illness after the birth of her children. Without the exact cause being known, she was given electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). It wasn’t until she had a glucose tolerance test which revealed the cause of her symptoms—severe reactive hypoglycemia, a condition easily corrected with simple diet changes, that she began to recover. Ascertaining that something was terribly wrong with the healthcare system and how she was being treated, Roberta dedicated her life to educating and advocating for others, founded the HSF and wrote a best-selling book on the subject of hypoglycemia. Read Roberta’s amazing story here.

Leslie Lee is a Registered Dietitian who grew up in the Midwest experiencing the debilitating effects of metabolic disease resulting from poor diet, and made a lifetime commitment to helping others with leading-edge nutrition science.

Uma Pisharody witnessed how her native country of India was being devastated by diet-related disease and decided, when she was only 6 years old, to become a pediatric gastroenterologist! These women are among the treasured members of our Leadership Team that is focused on significantly reducing metabolic disease in our lifetime.

Visiting our Leadership page, you will see a long list of Board Members, Medical Advisors, and General Advisors to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation. For the last forty years, Roberta Ruggiero has attracted an amazing list of talented and experienced leaders with a wide range of expertise to support this cause. If you are also interested in getting involved, just send us an email. The HSF is possible because of many extraordinary people—like you!

The mission of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation is to provide support, advocacy and information about the causes, prevention and management of hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar.

Roberta Ruggiero

Founder and President, Hypoglycemia Support Foundation

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