Awareness to Action

When it comes to our health, awareness is essential, but only part of the equation.

Many of us have agonized as a result of something called “hypoglycemia.”

Pain can be an affliction, but also a remarkable teacher, and we have learned that in order to achieve optimal health, both awareness and action must be married together.

In order to reverse chronic conditions like reactive hypoglycemia, we believe the following two actions can really help:


  1. become a serious student and learn all you can about your condition; you may even need to “educate” our healthcare providers who often lack up to date information about our condition, and


  2. join with a supportive community and practice what works with commitment, consistency and persistence.

Don’t agonize, organize.

Florynce Kennedy

Learning and Skill Development Happens in Stages

According to Milton Erickson, MD, renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist, the process of learning and skill development has four stages:

Unconscious Incompetence
Unconscious incompetence is a state of obliviousness—not knowing how to do something, but also not knowing that we don’t know how to do it, and therefore not caring about it one way or another.

Conscious Incompetence
Becoming consciously aware that we don’t yet have the skill and experience to use our new knowledge and skills proficiently. We might be functionally incompetent, but committed to acquiring new knowledge and skill regardless of how foolish or inept we look or feel during the learning process.

Conscious Competence
Conscious competence is the result of applying and practicing the new knowledge and skill we have, thinking and acting very deliberately to achieve health proficiency.

Unconscious Competence
Eventually we gain considerable knowledge and skill, learning and practicing what we learn and fine-tuning what works most effectively for us, gradually reaching the level of unconscious competence. At this point, we no longer have to think about certain things; we do them automatically.  Athletes might describe this as being “in the zone”—  a state of unconscious competence.

Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.

Milton Erickson, MD

Let’s Journey Together

The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation is here to join with you in your journey to being a master, not a puppet, of the health conditions that may be afflicting you, a member of your family, a friend or a patient.

Let’s start with the idea that while you may be a person WITH hypoglycemia, you are not a “hypoglycemic.” You are not your disease; you are a person afflicted with a disease condition. What you really are is a champion, because you have chosen to confront the affliction of hypoglycemia, not just be a victim of it. You have chosen to not just agonize, but to organize. You have chosen awareness and action.

Together, we hope we can all move into the “optimal health zone”… not a place of perfection, but perfecting. As they say, this is a journey, not a destination—and you are no longer alone on your quest for health and well-being.

In the Awareness and Action section of our website, we begin with several pages, Expert Voices, Inspiration, and Testimonials—providing you with perspectives from many of the experts and everyday folks who grapple with hypoglycemia. You can easily see one common thread is simply the joy and the power of sharing your story, casting off shame and pain, and realizing that you aren’t alone—that others have shared your struggles—and overcome them!

Next, please consider taking our Questionnaire. What you are likely to realize, in answering these questions, is that many of the symptoms and health issues you have been having aren’t “all in your head.”  As you can also see from the published results of our questionnaire, there is valuable knowledge and wisdom attained from sharing our condition with others.

Next, we feature a new technology that will soon be available only to our community, which will enable us to make better decisions about the food we buy, and realize that our food system is rigged to create conditions like hypoglycemia…it isn’t all your fault!

Lastly, we ask you to join us in taking actions as we approach celebrating Global Hypoglycemia Awareness Day. Perhaps you will take solace in knowing that there are thousands of others around the planet who share your struggles and who are also transforming their Awareness into Action.

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.

Abraham Maslow, PhD

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