Hypoglycemia Quiz 


Reactive / Functional Hypoglycemia: Do You Have It?

The quiz is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding hypoglycemia or any other medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. Hopefully, what you learn here can help you realize potential symptoms of hypoglycemia and prepare you for a more informed discussion with a qualified healthcare provider.

If you have the condition provided in the spaces provided below, please score:

(1) if mild       (2) if moderate (3) if severe

If you do not have the condition, leave it blank.

The accuracy of this questionnaire depends upon complete honesty and serious objective thought in answering the questions.

Taking can give an unpredictable effect and therefore it is worth checking with the doctor the dose and contraindication.

(Many of these symptoms may relate to other health problems, for example, if medications are missed or delayed).

You may also choose to print this quiz here and score.



____Abnormal craving for sweets, pastries, cake, etc.

____Crave starches (pasta, potatoes, bread, crackers, white rice, popcorn, etc.)

____Need coffee/caffeine to start morning

____Crave coffee / caffeine in afternoons

____Crave alcohol

____Drink more than three cups of coffee or cola a day

____Hungry or feeling faint unless eating frequently

____Nibbling between meals because of hunger

____Eating when nervous

____Feeling faint if meal is delayed

____Fatigue relieved by eating

____Irritable before meals, “hangry”

____Getting “shaky” if hungry

____Sleepy after meals

____Symptoms of low blood sugar appear before eating

____Heart palpitations if meals are missed or delayed



____Difficulty making decisions, indecisiveness, mental confusion

____Bad dreams, nightmares


____Unable to work under pressure

____Nervous exhaustion


____Dizziness, giddiness, or lightheadedness

____Anxiety, Fearful, Phobias

____Highly emotional

____Moods of depression, “blues” or melancholy

____Poor concentration, focus

____Forgetfulness, poor memory or ability to concentrate

____Rages or violence

____Reduced initiative

____Worrying, feeling insecure

____Crying spells, crying for no apparent reason




____Frequent Headaches

____Allergies: tendency to asthma, hay fever, skin rash, etc.

____Awaken after a few hours sleep/difficulty getting back to sleep

____Aware of breathing heavily

____Blurred vision

____Brown spots or bronzing of skin

____Indigestion, Nausea, “Butterfly stomach,” cramps

____Severe fatigue, exhaustion, feeling tired, lack of energy, weakness


____Hand tremors (or trembles)

____Inward trembling

____Drowsy during the day

____Dizziness, fainting spells

____Night sweats, cold sweats

____Lack of sexual energy



Add the total of all answers.

A total score of less than (20) twenty may indicate you are within normal limits.

A higher score may be evidence of metabolic derangement and that reactive / functional hypoglycemia may be affecting you, indicating a need for examination by qualified medical personnel.

Correlating these symptoms with a diet-symptom diary may be a valuable next step in understanding what is driving your symptoms – and may be useful information for your health care provider. Google form: not editable (click file, save a copy, then use). Excel (.xlsx version available here for download.


I value using the HSF Reactive / Functional Hypoglycemia Quiz as part of my comprehensive psychological evaluations and in my Health and Wellness coaching. For both, I include what I call a Well Care Assessment that considers Quality of Life and nutritional impacts to an individual’s functioning. The Reactive / Functional Hypoglycemia Quiz is one important component of this brief assessment and is so helpful to my clients and to those responsible for them in identifying possible contributions to their symptoms, and has assisted me in clarifying diagnoses and in making meaningful and relevant recommendations. I am so thankful to have use of it – and for the benefit to my clients.

Dawn Klemann

PSYD, CSOTP, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PsyD Clinical Solutions

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