We are in the midst of a metabolical storm.

Every minute you take to read this document, someone is dying from preventable diet-related disease. More people have died from metabolic disease since 1980 than the sum of all the world’s military conflicts combined. The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation is forging a healthier world empowered by science-based nutrition and the prevention, early detection, and management of metabolic disease, of which hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar, is one of the earliest indicators.

Dr. Uma Pisharody, Roberta Ruggiero, and Leslie Lee are three exceptional members of the HSF Leadership Team working at the intersection of metabolic health and nutrition.


Dr. Uma Pisharody, Roberta Ruggiero, and Leslie Lee are three exceptional members of the HSF Leadership Team working at the intersection of metabolic health and nutrition.

Did you know that the majority of food purchases are made by women? Women have the power to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of their families with decisions they make daily.

The HSF was founded by an amazing woman, Roberta Ruggiero, who went through 10 years of debilitating illness after the birth of her children. Without the exact cause being known, she was even given electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). It wasn’t until she had a glucose tolerance test reveal the cause of her symptoms – severe reactive hypoglycemia, a condition easily corrected with simple diet changes, that she began to recover. Ascertaining that something was terribly wrong with the healthcare system and how she was being treated,

Roberta dedicated her life to educating and advocating for others, founded the HSF and wrote a best-selling book on the subject of hypoglycemia. Roberta’s amazing story is available here: https://hypoglycemia.org/roberta.

Uma Pisharody witnessed how her native country of India was being devastated by diet-related disease and decided, when she was only 6 years old, to become a pediatric gastroenterologist! These women are among the treasured members of our Leadership Team that is focused on significantly reducing metabolic disease in our lifetime.

Leslie Lee is a Registered Dietitian who grew up in the Midwest experiencing the debilitating effects of metabolic disease resulting from poor diet, and made a lifetime commitment to helping others with leading-edge nutrition science.


The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2020. Looking back, we are proud of what we have accomplished to date:

  • Published an award-winning book on hypoglycemia with praise from the   American Library Association – available in a 5th edition.
  • Designed and distributed a wide range of educational materials, including brochures titled “Hypoglycemia & Children: Is Your Child At Risk?” and “Hypoglycemia & Alcoholism: The Missing Link to Recovery.”
  • Delivered hundreds of educational presentations, support meetings, health fairs, and lectures at schools, hospitals, and businesses.
  • Implemented surveys examining hypoglycemia and diabetes – and published the results, including a collaborative research project to study the link between hypoglycemia and juvenile delinquency.
  • Served more than a million patients as a champion for those with misdiagnosed metabolic conditions (such as hypoglycemia).
  • Earned extensive media coverage and maintained an informative presence on social media, reaching millions online.
  • Formed a global community, reaching millions via the www.hypoglycemia.org website.
  • Served as a pediatric advocate, establishing the first online information focused on children suffering from hypoglycemia.
  • Shared inspiration and expertise with the international movement addressing hypoglycemia.
  • Responded to over 100,000 inquiries and emails from every state in the U.S. and countries around the world.
  • Developed the first comprehensive infographic on reactive / functional hypoglycemia.


The root causes of metabolic diseases are fundamentally the same – poor nutrition.

The metabolic system is essentially our cellular engine, making (and destroying) all cells in our body. Hypoglycemia is among a list of metabolic disorders that have a complex range of causes, but are primarily food-related. Hypoglycemia may be considered one of the “canaries in the coal mine” of metabolic disease.

“The low blood sugar of today is the diabetes of tomorrow!”  -Seale Harris, M.D.

Dysfunction in blood sugar regulation (low or high) is an indication that something is seriously out of balance with the metabolic system, and disruption in sugar metabolism is caused primarily by poor diet.


Food-related diseases are corrupting our health and bankrupting our healthcare system. Chronic conditions such as hypoglycemia, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease have been firmly linked to ultra-processed foods loaded with added sugars, unhealthy fats, and chemical additives. In the U.S, 75% of U.S. healthcare spending goes toward managing chronic conditions, most of which are preventable by changing the diet, it’s clear that we can no longer afford to ignore metabolic health and nutrition as primary components of our health and wellbeing. It’s time for a national conversation about food and health. As healthcare providers, patients, and consumers, it’s time to reclaim our health.


HSF shall be a champion for those affected by metabolic diseases with engaging and educational information, tools, and strategies that support optimal metabolic health and well-being. Our emphasis will be on early detection and prevention, managing and reversing metabolic disorders. We will build upon the grassroots, patient-centered history of our organization and be a champion for millions who suffer from metabolic disease and systems of care that narrowly focus on disease and symptoms, versus the root causes of the conditions.


HSF shall serve as a unifying force in the field of metabolic health and nutrition, forging positive and sustainable change at individual, organizational and systemic levels. We will establish brands (“Metabolical”) that can deliver impactful educational content through sustained partnerships. HSF will continue to educate and advocate for those who suffer from hypoglycemia; demonstrating the importance of identifying metabolic disease early, and to preventing further decline in metabolic health resulting in type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and neurovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and other disorders. HSF has a strong focus on prevention, starting with children and infants.


HSF shall serve as an essential resource and platform for leaders, champions, and advocates to galvanize and leverage metabolic health and nutrition education, and advocacy. We will deepen our leadership capacity and build the infrastructure needed for fostering global change. We have a growing list of world renown experts, doctors, and advocates who have joined our distinguished group of advisors.


HSF will champion healthy, real-food and science-based nutrition in the context of building vibrant communities that nurture and protect the most vulnerable. HSF will foster partnerships and nurture innovative models (such as The Suppers Programs) that support optimal metabolic health and nutrition – engaging, educating, and activating members with unconditional support and love. We now offer both public and private Facebook groups.


Education is critical to social and economic development and has a profound impact on population health. America is suffering greatly from little or no education in metabolic health and nutrition. Whether in South Florida or Seattle, Washington, in urban or rural communities, whether you are just starting out in life or in your golden years – metabolic health is primary to your wellbeing and quality of life. HSF will advance innovative, engaging, and sustainable education strategies for the whole life-span, engaging and activating healthcare providers, patients, advocates, and expert leaders in the field of metabolic health and nutrition. HSF will serve as a catalytic force for metabolic health and nutrition educational events in healthcare and community based settings from coast to coast.

We are deepening our organizational leadership and capacity through developing impactful initiatives and programs that are fully integrated with the following priorities and goals:


  • The HSF will forge a lean, but highly effective team of staff and consultants to develop and support a powerful suite of impactful programs.
  • Full time staff working for HSF, including CEO, Education Director, and fundraising/events/administrative support staff.
  • Establish Anthony and Roberta Ruggiero Sustainability Fund. 
  • Successful national programs and partnerships forged with six leading healthcare institutions.
  • Online educational ecosystem built that reaches millions each year.
  • Impactful educational events impact and engage thousands of healthcare providers and dietitians each year. Continuing Medical Education (CME) and, Patient Medical Education (PME) education programs offered nationally and internationally.


Who will the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation reach and impact, and how will this be measured?


  • Approximately 300,000 patients received in U.S. emergency rooms each year are diagnosed with hypoglycemia and type 2 diabetes.
  • Nearly half of Americans have periodontal disease, now linked with metabolic disease, and like hypoglycemia, can be considered an indicator for systemic (metabolic) dysfunction. Metabolic disease, hypoglycemia, and periodontal disease may be linked through a common pathophysiological pathway.
  • Over 50% of adults in the U.S. diagnosed with metabolic disease.
  • Vast majority of Americans are at risk for serious metabolic disease.
  • Cost to taxpayers over one trillion dollars per year – doesn’t include personal costs of managing disease. Prevention is the only strategy that makes sense and will not overwhelm the healthcare industry and bankrupt the U.S. economy.

Milestones and Impact

  • Engage over one million followers on our collective websites and social media channels, including: hypoglycemia.org, hypoglycemiaKids.org, nutritionHub.org, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Scoop.it, etc.).
  • Two metabolic health and nutrition summits held annually, and courses designed by HSF are offered to individuals and institutions nationwide. Speakers bureau includes leading national and international experts in the field.
  • Growth of the organization, staff, and resources; organizational budget reaches 500K.

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