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Event held January 15, 2020 – 7 to 8:30 pm at UCSF – Laurel Heights Campus
“How new technologies can be used to prevent chronic metabolic disease rather than just manage it.”
Stimulating conversation with leaders in the field; healthy snacks and beverages provided.
Dr. Aaron Neinstein
Dr. Carolyn Bradner Jasik
Jessie Inchauspe


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Many people are unaware that blood sugar health is like a canary in the coal mine of metabolic disease, and that are simple steps one can take to get blood sugar, and metabolic health, under control, long before progressing to a state of chronic metabolic dysfunction. Given that only 12% of the U.S. population is metabolically healthy, this topic is more important than ever. Sadly, we have known for decades that blood sugar health is at ground zero of the pandemic of diabetes: Dr. Seale Harris, the pioneer doctor and researcher who revealed the relationship between hyperinsulinism and hypoglycemia in the 1920s, famously stated “The low blood sugar of today is the diabetes of tomorrow.”

The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation is dedicated to finding innovative ways of fostering conversations and opportunities for communities to come together, hear from top experts in the field and play an essential role in the learning process that we all must be a part of if we are going to conquer the pandemic of metabolic disease that is ravaging human health. One of the ways HSF is doing this is by convening “Salon Discussions” in collaboration with distinguished health care leaders and institutions.

Many Thanks to the Wonderful Company for Providing Healthy Snacks for Our Blood Sugar Salon Event!

Many Thanks to the Hint Water Company for Providing Healthy Beverages for Our Blood Sugar Salon Event!

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