Zoom Open House

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation,

The HSF declared March 13, 2020 as the inaugural Global *Hypoglycemia Awareness Day, and, on this special day, we also celebrated the HSF’s 40th Anniversary!

Our HSF Open House Zoom Room was held from 9am (Pacific) / Noon Eastern to 1pm (Pacific) / 4pm Eastern… a total of 4 hours on March 13, 2020. Our vision was fulfilled and many of our friends, colleagues, followers, and advisors called in and joined the conversation, which we recorded and now share with those who were not able to call in. Roberta Ruggiero and Wolfram Alderson were in the Zoom Room during the entire 4 hours. Questions about hypoglycemia, opportunities to share experiences relevant to hypoglycemia, expertise, and connections to hypoglycemia, etc., were welcomed and a rich discussion was held. This is the first time the HSF haS done something like this, so consider it an experiment in how to engage our community in a way that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Check out our National Petition

We also announced a new national petition to encourage medicare coverage of blood sugar testing supplies for people with severe hypoglycemia.

Here is the audio recording of the entire open house!

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