The transformative power of patient narratives in healthcare education

Patient narrative and experience are too often ignored as a resource for improving educational and regulatory practices, say Rebecca Baines, Charlotte Denniston, and James Munro

The narratives we share about ourselves and others are an integral part of our everyday lives. They are the medium through which we communicate, celebrate, and educate, providing a common currency that has the potential to be accessible to all. However, despite the repeated sharing of health and illness accounts around the world on a daily basis, the meaningful involvement of patient narratives in the education and regulation of healthcare professionals is perhaps yet to be fully realised.  

While there are some clear areas of excellence, there are also some clear areas of resistance to working with patient narratives. But why? What is the perceived risk of listening to patient voices for educational purposes? What power do patient voices have when expressed in their own, unaltered form and language?

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