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Welcome to the Hypoglycemia Forum supported by the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation – a forty-year old organization. You are among millions who are dealing with this condition – so let’s work through it together!


The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation has been a patient’s advocate for almost four decades.  Because we were founded by a patient, we have a special understanding and approach that puts YOU at the center of the conversation. We also bring together the expert opinions of health care leaders who challenge the status quo and look to the source of metabolic disorders such as blood sugar dysregulation. We believe in the power of community and that powerful networks are essential to healthcare, healing and staying healthy. 

This forum is a place to address some of the questions about hypoglycemia that perhaps we haven’t already answered on our “Learn” pages. We value our collective knowledge about this condition, but we also bring to you our leadership, including medical advisors are world renowned and we bring forty years of experience in helping patients find answers that are often challenging to find in conventional health care settings.

If you spend a little time on this website, you will find many strategies and practical solutions that will help you reach your goal on your journey to optimal health. So, welcome and let’s get started on this healing journey together!

HSF Forum Moderators

Roberta Ruggiero

Roberta Ruggiero

Founder and President, HSF

Ms. Ruggiero established The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation to inform, support and encourage people with hypoglycemia and the public about this too often misunderstood and misdiagnosed disease. This organization has enabled her to show how poor nutritional habits and severe nutritional deficiencies affect one’s emotional and physical health. A frequent guest on radio and television and a well-known speaker, Roberta has also brought her message to thousands.

Wolfram Alderson

Wolfram Alderson


Wolfram Alderson has nearly four decades experience serving in leadership roles involving design, development, and administration of innovative programs created to improve human and environmental health. He employs a diverse range of strategies and tactics. Combining these with his exceptional management skills, Alderson will lead the HSF in fulfilling its mission of bringing critical information about hypoglycemia, and metabolic disease in general, to adults and children, and the public and health care industry at large.

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Each of us comes to hypoglycemia with our own individual experience and understanding. There simply isn’t one view of hypoglycemia – there are many. We are here to learn from each other in an environment of respect and open-mindedness. Please respect and value the experiences and views of others.

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