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I struggle with hypoglycemia. What can I eat?

Most of the products in our food supply are laced with sugar and other “food like substances” that predispose us to conditions like hypoglycemia, push us further into chronic metabolic disease states, and keep us on the terrifying “blood sugar rollercoaster”.

The HSF knows how hard it is to identify the foods that send us into the dreadful cycles of a blood sugar disorder. It can be frustrating to deal with the complexity of making the right choices compounded by the fear of making a wrong choice. In addition, dealing with hypoglycemia symptoms cloud our ability to make an informed decision.

The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation provides general guidelines / do’s and don’ts, etc. when it comes to diet and how to get off the blood sugar roller coaster:


However, reviewing all this information, you may be thinking…

“I wish it were simpler!”

Now it is!

Bringing together all our knowledge and experience about food and substances that trigger hypoglycemic reactions, the HSF has developed a “rollercoaster free” filter on a new platform called Perfact that screens out all the food that should be avoided and shows only those foods we consider safer and healthier choices (see filter criteria/details here).

The good news: Over 5000 products make the cut! Perfact is a startup, supported by advisors such as world-renowned expert Dr. Robert Lustig, that makes finding what you want as easy as knowing what you want. Read about this unique social impact enterprise here: “Unmasking America’s Food Supply”. Perfact will always stay free to consumers and is currently available in a private “beta” preview – an exclusive offer only available to the HSF community, so signup is required.

We encourage you to try it, via our Preview Group, and tell us what you think (sign-up form below).

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