Hypoglycemia Quiz

Take the Hypoglycemia Quiz

In the space provided below, please click Never If you don't have this condition, Rarely if you have this condition mildly, Sometimes if moderate, and Often if severe.  If you do not have the condition, leave it blank.   The accuracy of this questionnaire depends upon complete honesty and serious objective thought in answering the questions.  (Many of these symptoms may be related to other health problems.)

Never Rarely Sometimes Often
Abnormal craving for sweets?
Afternoon headaches?
Allergies (tendency to asthma, hay fever, skin rash, etc.)
Awaken after a few hours sleep/difficulty getting back to sleep?
Aware of breathing heavily?
Bad dreams?
Blurred vision?
Brown spots or bronzing of skin?
"Butterfly stomach," cramps?
Never Rarely Sometimes Often
Can't make decisions easily?
Can't start in morning before coffee?
Can't work under pressure?
Chronic fatigue?
Chronic nervous exhaustion?
Crave candy or coffee in afternoons?
Cry easily for no apparent reason?
Dizziness, giddiness or light-headedness?
Never Rarely Sometimes Often
Drink more than 3 cups of coffee or cola a day?
Get hungry or feel faint unless eat frequently?
Eat when nervous?
Feel faint if meal is delayed?
Fatigue relieved by eating?
Get "shaky" if hungry?
Hand tremor (or trembles)?
Heart palpitates (beats fast) if meals missed or delayed?
Never Rarely Sometimes Often
Highly emotional?
Nibble between meals because of hunger?
Inward trembling, feels better after meals?
Irritable before meals?
Lack of energy?
Moods of depression, "blues" or melancholy?
Poor memory or ability to concentrate?
Reduced initiative?
Sleepy after meals?
Never Rarely Sometimes Often
Sleepy during the day?
Weakness, dizziness?
Worrier, feel insecure?
Symptoms come before breakfast?

A total score of less than (20) twenty is within normal limits. A higher score is evidence of probable adrenal insufficiency and/or deranged carbohydrate metabolism (Hypoglycemia), and would indicate further testing.

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