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Excerpted from Roberta Ruggiero’s book, The Do’s and Don’ts of Hypoglycemia: An Everyday Guide to Low Blood Sugar

“In 1998, I added a hypoglycemia/diabetes questionnaire to our website. Due to the increase of questions and concerns about a possible connection between hypoglycemia and diabetes, I wanted to find out if this association could be observed. The goal was to determine whether untreated hypoglycemia is a prelude to diabetes. The survey was also designed to gather information on how and by whom hypoglycemia had been diagnosed and what type of treatments, if any, were found to be beneficial. As this book goes to press, the HSF has received over 5500 responses (3752 confirmed hypoglycemics) from 25 countries!”

We are in the process of sorting through this extensive volume of information to categorize and evaluate the results. Below, however, is a brief synopsis of what we’ve discovered so far.

Sixty-four percent of confirmed hypoglycemics (diagnosed by a physician with a glucose tolerance test) indicated that one or more family members had been diagnosed with diabetes!

With this information, we can alert hypoglycemics to the seriousness of this condition, as diabetes will almost certainly be the next stage if left untreated. It is also critical for diabetics to share this information with other family members as a preventative measure.

When we asked those surveyed what kind of symptoms they experienced, the most common were:

  • Heart palpitations 80%
  • Dizziness 79%
  • Mood swings 77%
  • Headaches 74%
  • Depression 67%
  • Addiction to sweets 62%
  • Extreme fatigue 52%

When diagnosed with hypoglycemia, only 59% changed their diet. That number is high considering that only 48% of physicians who diagnosed hypoglycemia through a glucose tolerance test recommended treatment. A little more than 50% of the participants incorporated vitamins and exercise, while only 25% changed their mental attitude towards the illness. Unfortunately, 23% considered candy the cure-all for their low blood sugar problems.”

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