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Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

TheHypoglycemia Support Foundation (HSF) is deeply honored to advocate for people affected by hypoglycemia from around the world. We receive no local, state or federal funding; our existence over the last forty years has only been possible due to your generosity and the support of our family, friends, sponsors, partners and community.

It’s the time of the year when many of you decide what charities you will support. We reach out to you, with our hearts wide open, and humbly ask that you please support the HSF. Why? 

Leading medical and research institutions pay scant attention to reactive / functional hypoglycemia, so there is no accurate number for how many people suffer from the condition. However, we know that half of Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Dr. Seale Harris, the pioneer who first identified hypoglycemia as a medical condition, stated in the 1940s that “the low blood sugar of today is the diabetes of tomorrow.” For the last four decades, the HSF has provided impactful education and information and prevented tens of thousands from progressing to more serious and painful metabolic disorders that destroy physical and financial well-being. To sustain this legacy and take the HSF to the next level we forged a 2020 Strategic Vision.

With a generous donation from ConnieBennett, author of Sugar Shock, we were able to design and distribute the world’s first comprehensive infographic on reactive/functional hypoglycemia. Praise from leading doctors and nutritionists continues to roll in about this powerful educational tool. Like so many others, Connie’s health was transformed after applying information she acquired from the HSF. Her continued support is making it possible for HSF to build a new, beautiful website and updated logo to be unveiled at the beginning of the new year!

One of the challenges in our work is that too few doctors and health care professionals have been adequately trained to understand, diagnose and treat the most common, diet-related, form of hypoglycemia. Facing this challenge head on, the HSF is developing the first-ever continuing medical education (CME) course focused on reactive/functional hypoglycemia. Thanks to partnerships that we have forged with leading medical experts and institutions, these programs will launch in 2019!

The financial support you provide is vital for our educational efforts to flourish and for our community to thrive. In 2018, we served in essential leadership roles at several national healthcare conferences, and our website and educational materials reached an average of over 10,000 people per month. In 2019, our goal is to exponentially increase our impact on patients and healthcare providers. Would you please help the HSF to continue to fulfill its vital mission?

Please click here to donate to the HSF today!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and love-filled New Year!

Roberta Ruggiero, Founder/President                                             

Wolfram Alderson, CEO             


Help future generations…

There is much we can do to turn the tide of metabolic disease.

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