Dale Ledbetter

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The information you have been kind enough to share with me has been the key link enabling me to return to a normal life. Several months ago, I began growing faint and was, on about half a dozen occasions, taken to the emergency room of a local hospital. In every instance, I was told there was nothing wrong and that I was probably just hyperventilating. After consulting several doctors without any success at all, I was properly diagnosed by a local physician who recommended a glucose tolerance test. Once it was determined that I had hypoglycemia, I was referred to the Cleveland Clinic for dietary planning.

The staff at the Cleveland Clinic were enormously helpful but referred me to you and your organization for additional help. The materials you have supplied have helped me understand my problem and do what is necessary to return to a normal life. I am saddened by my own experience with the doctors who were unable to determine what was wrong with me. I am frightened for the many thousands of patients throughout the country with similar problems who are no doubt experiencing the same kind of difficulty with their diagnoses.

I hope for their sake that they will be as fortunate as I was to be directed to you and your wonderful, caring organization. Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do to repay the enormous debt I owe to you.


Help future generations…

There is much we can do to turn the tide of metabolic disease.

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