Barrie Brett

I first met Roberta in Miami and saw firsthand the helpful way in which she was trying to spread the word and offer information to those who might have hypoglycemia. I was very moved that she would spend selfless hours each day writing or calling others who needed help and who seemed not to have any idea what might be wrong with them. Roberta offered hope and possible answers.

Coincidentally, it was at the same time that close members of my own family realized that they too had hypoglycemia. Their ages ranged from sixteen to forty. Each symptom was different but debilitating for my cousins. The forty-year-old would feel faint and extremely grouchy. One of the teenagers became very angry when he had not eaten; the other had symptoms of depression. Her sleep was affected and her eating was erratic; actually I should say—not eating. The family took them to doctor after doctor with little results. Finally the older cousin had a diagnosis. As soon as he got control of his diet—for him, with protein and nuts—his mood swings left. He also was advised to reduce his sugar intake. Once the sixteen-year-old boy was told that diet was affecting his life, he was put on an eating regimen. He too needed protein. By altering his eating habits, his athletics improved and his anger disappeared. The female teenager had more difficulty at first since her symptoms were more severe. Again, once she started to acknowledge that what she was putting in her mouth directly affected her mood, her symptoms started to dissipate. Helpful answers were right in front of them—food. They were all given a copy of Roberta’s book, The Do’s and Don’ts of Hypoglycemia, and this became daily reading.

Since hypoglycemia appears to be in my family, I have become very aware of food choices as well. The remarkable changes in life as a result of Roberta’s dedication are very inspiring. Some of the stories break your heart—that people had to suffer so long when help was so close by—in some cases, in their own refrigerator. This work and book are important!


Help future generations…

There is much we can do to turn the tide of metabolic disease.

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