Roberta’s Message at the HSF’s 2014 Gala

The HSF recently held their 4th annual Hypoglycemia Takes Center Stage fundraising gala in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As host of this event, I have just a brief time during the evening to persuade the audience that the nature of our mission is critical and that our cause is worthy of their involvement and support.

Here’s the message I shared…

I love receiving The Oprah Magazine. On the last page, Oprah always writes a column… “What I know for sure!”

Tonight I want to share with you… What I know for sure!

I know for sure…I did not have a plan but God did!!! It was not in vain that I suffered through 10 years of being misdiagnosed and visited dozens of doctors who administered numerous tests…prescribed thousands of mind-altering drugs…and even the administration of electric shock therapy …only to discover I had a severe case of reactive hypoglycemia and just needed a change of DIET!

I know for sure…that 34 years of traveling on this road I have chosen has led to this evening…the most important night of my life…because you my dear family, friends, medical and corporate communities, can change the course of my life and the life of the HSF!!!

I know for sure ….that I have to convince you in just a few minutes that 80 million Americans have hypoglycemia and most don’t even know it! Our addiction to alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and sugar — the most addictive drug of all — has contributed to the drastic highs of diabetes and lows of hypoglycemia!!

I know for sure … since I founded the HSF in 1980…I have reached millions of suffering and searching hypoglycemics who have been misunderstood, misdiagnosed, undiagnosed and have nowhere to turn…that as the only organization of its kind, we must not just survive but thrive and exceed all expectations.

I know for sure …that I must do everything I can to show the correlation between hypoglycemia and behavioral problems in children… and hypoglycemia and alcoholism.

The number of parents and children who are contacting us, especially in the past five years, is climbing at an alarming rate.

Here are examples of the correspondence I receive….

From halfway around the world…

Dear Roberta

I just want to say thank you for your FB page. I have a 14-year-old son.

Recently we experienced deterioration in his behavior and mood. He was never an easy child and had been diagnosed with a processing disorder, so I believed this accounted for why. His mood was low, he had become lethargic, angry, did nothing at school–and I mean nothing–having bursts of anger and eating sugar packets and hiding soft drinks. I could no longer manage him so sent him to stay with his 29-year-old sister for a week. She took him to the doctor to get a talking to about healthy eating. I never would have done this, fearing wasting the doctor’s time. The doctor did a blood test and diagnosed hypoglycemia.

I cannot even begin to explain the difference in my boy. I thought he was low on the spectrum autistic. By changing what and how he eats, I have a child who is animated, answers when you speak to him, confident, has friends, energy and is learning…achieving an excellence award at school. All in a few weeks. I am eternally grateful to be given back my son. We have a lot of learning to do but thank you that support exists.

Abigail, Australia

And much closer to home…

I found your article online [re the link between alcoholism and hypoglycemia].

I am a recovering alcoholic (50 yrs drinking, one year sober). As a teenager, I was diagnosed with low blood sugar and told to eat candy if I felt a rage coming on (which is what precipitated the visit that brought the diagnosis).

I went on to suffer the devastation that alcoholism brings for 50 years till one year ago this month when the consequences became so severe that I surrendered to the AA way of life, and that has been a wonderful relief.

The sugar cravings and bingeing are a problem now but I do have an understanding of proper diet and am working on establishing better dietary habits. I wish to help educate others in the AA fellowship as there is precious little knowledge of this issue among the members I have spoken to about it. We all pull for and try our best to help newcomers and they often don’t make it. Old timers as well sometimes suddenly get drunk and end up dead after decades of sobriety. I can’t help but suspect that in both cases it is often because of their hypoglycemia.

The knowledge you shared in the above mentioned article is instantly recognizable as the truth to me. One of those instant realizations when all the dots connect and you go, “Of Course!! Why didn’t I see that all along!”

Others in the fellowship have had the same reaction. It is a self-evident truth to those living it.

Thanks in advance for any additional info you may have for me and thank you for all you are doing.

Ron, Marathon, FL

The key words in Ron’s story are… “additional information.” The HSF has the information …we’re working with leading authorities from all over the country on these two correlations. Funds raised tonight will be used for webinars and educational materials…brochures, pamphlets and videos …to be utilized in schools, hospitals and rehab centers…and to establish hospital support groups for those suffering from reactive hypoglycemia…the kind the HSF addresses. Studies, online surveys, a future hypoglycemia diagnostic and treatment facility…my dreams, my goals!

And finally…

I entreat my readers, as I did those attending the gala, to digest what I have shared and think seriously about joining us …there is no other organization of its kind…we need the best of the best…we want and need you!!

Here’s to your health.




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