Dr. Seale Harris applied his genius in several fields and enriched all who came in contact with him. His practice of internal medicine was matched with training received in this country and abroad. He opened the Seale Harris Clinic in Birmingham in 1922 and it became a medical landmark during his lifetime. His achievements as physician, editor of medical journals, author of scientific treatises and research were crowned by his recognition of spontaneous hypoglycemia. Shortly after the discovery of insulin, Dr. Harris visited Canada to study diabetes cases with the scientists who discovered the hormone. These studies led to his extensive research on the effects in nondiabetic patients of an excessive secretion of insulin and his recognition that hyperinsulinism, the condition caused by these excess secretions, results in hypoglycemia, an abnormal deficiency of sugar in the blood. His research on hyperinsulinism and its control brought international recognition to Dr. Harris, including the Distinguished Service Medal, the highest scientific award of the American Medical Association.