Welcome to the new HSF series of exclusive interviews featuring distinguished experts, authors, practitioners, researchers and other distinguished leaders in the field of metabolic health and nutrition.

Why these interviews?   They contain a wealth of information giving you insight into who’s supporting and leading the field of metabolic health and nutrition, and serving as champions for those who suffer from conditions such as hypoglycemia.

Our inaugural interview was with Dr. Robert Lustig.

Stay tuned for more exciting leaders and the mark they are making!

Interviews (click to view)

Dr. Robert Lustig (Interviewed by Chantal Bonneau)

Roberta Ruggiero (Interviewed by Wolfram Alderson)

Leslie Lee (Interviewed by Roberta Ruggiero)

Dr. Uma Pisharody (Interviewed by Roberta Ruggiero)

Dr. Richard Eckfield (Sustainable Santa – Interviewed by Wolfram Alderson)


Help future generations…

There is much we can do to turn the tide of metabolic disease.

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