November 2012 – Stress-Free Holiday Tips

The holiday season is here, starting with Thanksgiving in just a few weeks. Even though it’s a beautiful time of year when most of us celebrate with family and friends, others find it a time of loneliness, isolation and despair. Add stress and hypoglycemia symptoms to that equation, and the situation can become serious.

I thought I would share some do’s and don’ts to avoid complications and help ease your holiday journey. I hope they help!

Do… reach out for help. You do not have to do it all by yourself, especially cooking, cleaning and shopping. Put your husband, children, parents and friends to work. I’m sure they will be happy to help, but you first have to ASK.

Do… plan ahead. Leaving everything for the last minute only adds extra stress. If you can cook and freeze some recipes beforehand, do it.

Do… make it simple. Meals don’t have to be elaborate. In fact, ask several of those invited to your house for the holidays to bring a dish…perhaps a side vegetable, dessert or beverage.

Do… shop early to avoid the crowds. When you purchase a gift, come home and wrap it immediately.

Do… make shopping an affair that is fun and involves the whole family. I personally love this time of year because, traditionally, I spend some shopping days with my daughter, Renee. We shop, have lunch and then shop some more. Can’t beat that!

Do… shop online. So many of my friends are doing this and say it’s an absolute stress saver.

Do… take snacks with you when you shop. Almonds, string cheese, a hardboiled egg or half a sandwich will hold you until you stop for lunch or dinner.

Do… rest when you are tired. Don’t push yourself.

Don’t… feel guilty if funds are short and you can’t afford gift giving. A homemade card or gift is a much less expensive but just as treasured alternative. Remember, even just a phone call to a loved one is priceless.

Don’t… panic that there’s nothing to eat on the holidays because you’re hypoglycemic and have changed your dietary habits. There’s plenty to eat!  Begin by checking out our September 2012 bog where there is a list of simple suggested ideas and snacks.

Don’t… forget that being PREPARED with meals and snacks is the key to a successful diet, especially around the holiday season. You don’t want deprivation to set in.

Don’t… be alone. If you don’t have family or friends, make some. Reach out in your community, your church, your temple or congregation of choice. Connecting with another human being may be the greatest healing you can experience.

Recently I have been getting a huge number of requests for doctor referrals. I am once again listing some websites that will supply that information. Please check them out.

American Holistic Health Association

Alternative Medicine

American Holistic Medical Association

American Academy of Osteopathy

The Life Extension Foundation, Inc.

Al Sears, MD

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To each and every one of you — have a Happy Thanksgiving!




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