April 18, 2018

“Hypoglycemia, the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster”
Infographic Seeks to Educate Patients and Healthcare Professionals
About Low Blood Sugar

Who hasn’t been “hangry” or experienced a temporary but debilitating drop in blood sugar?  Low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia, is like the elephant in the room – ubiquitous among the majority of the population, yet few are aware of this condition or how to respond appropriately. The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation (HSF), a four-decade old patient advocacy organization, has released a comprehensive infographic on reactive / functional hypoglycemia – a confusing, complicated, misunderstood, and often misdiagnosed condition.  

“Long before you get diabetes or heart disease, low blood sugar sends a variety of warnings, like a ‘canary in the coal mine.’ This condition is now so widely experienced that it seems “normal” to many – low blood sugar is NOT normal,” says Wolfram Alderson, HSF CEO.

“Hypoglycemia is usually diagnosed as “something else” and most doctors don’t appreciate its impact, therefore people need to be armed with the appropriate information,” states Dr. Robert Lustig, renown neuroendocrinologist and HSF medical advisor.

Alderson emphasizes: “Many are aware of low blood sugar symptoms, but simply don’t know what they mean or how to respond – including some healthcare professionals. I have learned from personal experience that taking these symptoms seriously, and acting appropriately, can be life-changing. Responding to an epidemic of metabolic disorders, the HSF has developed the first comprehensive infographic on hypoglycemia.”

Dr. Ann Childers, Psychiatrist, finds a root cause of many patients’ mental health issues are rooted in metabolic disorders often accompanied by blood sugar irregularity. Dr. Childers comments: “This infographic on hypoglycemia brings a new level of awareness and understanding to a condition that is suffered by many needlessly. Understanding and resolving hypoglycemia requires a holistic approach that looks at diet, lifestyle, stress and medical conditions. The HSF has created an educational resource worthy of sharing with my patients as well as with other doctors.”

Roberta Ruggiero founded the HSF nearly forty years ago after she was misdiagnosed with hypoglycemia and prescribed shock therapy rather than treatment appropriate for low blood sugar. Ruggiero explains “I’m just one of the millions who have suffered needlessly from hypoglycemia. We are grateful that this project was funded by Connie Bennett, a patient advocate who, like me, suffered for years before I advised her about what was going on.“ Bennett states: “I never would have gone 20 years sugar-free without the support and education I received from HSF and Roberta Ruggiero. Her inspiration helped lead me to this day, having celebrated 20 years off of sugar, authored several books, and educated thousands about how to get rid of hypoglycemia and kick sugar out of the diet.

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