June 2012 – Don’t Push the Process

In my March 2012 blog, I shared with you that on February 4, I fell and broke my foot, my right one at that! I was lucky I did not need surgery, but because of where and how it broke, I had to wear a cast/boot for 12 weeks! The first 4 weeks I stayed in bed due to the bruises and pain I had on my left side and my knee, hip, arm and shoulder. My first thought was… I’m never going to make it. There is no way I will stay put for that long a time! Who would cook, clean, shop and run the HSF! Besides, my husband Tony has not been feeling well, so I had this enormous guilt of putting extra pressure on him.

Fast forward to today. The past three months have turned out to be one of the best times of my life! I found a new meaning in the word rest, recuperate, renew, and re-evaluate!

I slept 14 hours a day the first two weeks and even had midday naps! After feeling guilty and resisting, I just went with it and eventually enjoyed the process. I know for a fact that it is when one sleeps that the greatest healing takes place!

It is no secret that rest, especially sleep, is just as critical as eating, drinking and breathing! So how much sleep should you get? It all depends of your body’s individual needs. For some of us, 5 to 6 hours are enough; for others, 7 to 8 hours are a must. I will say that if you’re working strenuously, doing long hours and depriving yourself of at least 7 hours a night, it will eventually catch up with you — and your hypoglycemia symptoms will take longer and be harder to control.

Whether from a broken bone, injury, surgery, illness or even a “broken heart,” one needs time to recuperate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires, in many instances, intervention (usually medical), patience, acceptance and any healing alternatives you wish to add such as meditation, prayer, walks in the park, listening to music, reading an uplifting, inspirational book. I personally love watching old I Love Lucy and The Golden Girls reruns. For me laughter is the best medicine!

Renew your dreams and don’t give up on them! Keep a journal, write them down, share them with the positive people in your life so they, too, can support and encourage you to forge ahead.

Re-evaluate where you’ve been and where you’re going and, most importantly, where you are today. Are you happy? If not, maybe it’s time to change course, change priorities, and alter your strategy. If you can’t do it alone, reach out for help to family, friends, priest, rabbi, and support groups. The list is endless!

And look to heroes. Mine is my husband! His strength inspires me, his love sustains me! While I sometimes complain about what I can and cannot eat to control my hypoglycemia symptoms, I witness on a daily basis what he has to do to control his. He takes insulin for his diabetes, medication for his high blood pressure and chemotherapy for a very rare form of leukemia. The complications from it all can be difficult and depressing, but he never complains!

So you see the past three months were not only a healing time for me, but for him as well. Together we faced our fears, counted our blessings, cherished memories, planned for the future, and shifted priorities. We turned tears into laughter, sadness to joy and despair into hope.

And along the way I learned….

You don’t have to change the sheets twice a week.

It’s okay if the dishes pile up in the sink…they will get washed sooner or later.

You can have canned soup and a sandwich for dinner.

You can use toilet paper if you run out of tissues.

You can spend the whole day in bed watching TV…doing absolutely nothing else.

And finally…don’t push the process.

Healing will come…with time, persistence, patience and love!

Here’s to your health,




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