Hypoglycemia: You have to heal more than the body!

I started writing this blog while I was in the waiting room at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida. This was a much anticipated and dreaded visit.  My husband Tony needed to get an updated evaluation from one of the only doctors in the country that researches and treats his condition, a very rare form of (LGL) leukemia.

I first mentioned Tony’s condition in my August/September 2013 blog.  Although at first I was apprehensive about sharing his story, he encouraged me to do so.  “If anything you write about hypoglycemia or my condition can save just one life, then I’m with you!”  With his blessings, I’m sharing once again but this time with a different point of view.

While waiting for the doctor to arrive, I glanced around the room.  It was basically bare with just a small table and three chairs where the doctor, Tony and I would soon be sitting and discussing his health update of the last three months.  There was a cabinet with a small sink and naturally, an examining table. The walls were practically unadorned.  That is until I raised my head and saw this huge frame which had a list of the Moffitt’s in-house programs.  I scanned the activities and stopped short when my eyes saw “Integrated Medicine-Healing & Wellness Services.”  Under this heading was: “Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga, Relaxation Techniques, Guided Imagery and Meditation.”  Under that was another heading that read: “Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs.”

I was ecstatic! I was thrilled that orthodox medicine and a worldwide, well-known facility such as the Moffitt Cancer Center had come so far!   Healing modalities that 25 years ago were frowned upon from mainstream medicine were now taking center stage.

I remember when I started writing the first edition of my book, more than 20 years ago.  When I mentioned the power of holistic practices as those mentioned above, many questioned the validity of their use.  It was a time of not only trying to get hypoglycemia back to the forefront of medicine where it belonged, but a challenge to suggest that diet alone didn’t control hypoglycemia symptoms.  Yes, a proper diet, eliminating white sugar, white flour, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, is the cornerstone treatment for hypoglycemia, but unless you address the “whole body” including mind and spirit, true healing cannot begin!

I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in 1973. Although I stick to the diet suggestions that I’ve both read and wrote about, there were times over the years that even if I was on the perfect program I felt, and was, miserable.  For me, stress plays a major role in my healing process…it disrupts it!  The past two years, with Tony going from being in remission with his leukemia to facing health issues with major uncertainties, put me in a state of sheer panic. I’m grateful that I used almost all of the above techniques to not only keep me centered but to give me constant source of strength and courage. Fortunately, I am also blessed with a huge “village” of family and friends who hold me up when I start to lean forward. I am truly blessed! And Tony is on a program which exists of strict blood testing and monitoring. He gets three monthly injections that not only stabilize his leukemia but also his deteriorating kidney function.  He’s happy, very positive and plans for the future like nothing is going to hold him back!

So whether you or a loved is dealing with hypoglycemia or any other health issue my suggestion is to treat every part of you…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!  Most hospitals today, like the Moffitt Cancer Center, have a list of these services. Please check them out!  You can also scan your local newspaper, internet and library to see what else is going on in your neighborhood.

Just today, the Broward Center for The Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale held a two day seminar with the biggest and brightest “healers” from around the country. Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life, and Dr. Bryan L. Weiss, author of Many Minds, Many Masters, were the keynote speakers.  A long list of famous authors spoke not only of the power of the thoughts or past life regressions but healing through faith and forgiveness. Added to that discussion were some new and old therapies like “tapping,”  “angel” and “psychic” healings. Another 20 years, or less, and these too may become mainstream.

Bottom line: We all want to live as long and as pain free as possible. We want to have a purpose, a mission and a plan.  We want to feel fulfilled and most of all loved!  Since science now tells us100 will be the new 70 you better take care of your body, but don’t forget to include your mind and spirit!

Here’s to your health,



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