Happy New Year HSF Family & Friends!

January 2017

Happy New Year HSF Family & Friends!

The response to my December newsletter was phenomenal – far more than I ever expected! Your sympathy and condolences on the loss of my husband, Anthony Ruggiero, touched my heart to the core! I heard from friends that I worked with 30 plus years ago, family members that I lost touch with and felt great to reconnect; and my HSF community from states spanning the US – all the way from the east coast of California to New York and south to my home town in Sunrise, Florida. Your connection was one of the best Christmas gifts that I received!

Now I want to give back to you.

SUGAR is the biggest culprits in triggering hypoglycemia symptoms…unfortunately most Americans don’t realize this correlation. According to leading experts 80 million Americans have hypoglycemia…and most don’t even know it!

Dr. Keith Berkowitz, MD, Medical Director for The Center for Balanced Health, calls hypoglycemia, the forgotten blood sugar disorder. He notes that according to the American Diabetes Association, 21 million Americans have diabetes and another 54 million are at risk with pre-diabetes or elevated glucose.

Therefore, finding the relationship between diabetes and hypoglycemia is of utmost importance. We must get doctors to recognize and treat hypoglycemia is through more research, more studies, more support…especially from the medical community. You can help. Please click on the link and fill out our Hypoglycemia Questionnaire and share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends. We’re all in this together.

May God continue to give me the strength and determination to get the message of the HSF far and wide in 2017!

May this coming new year bring you all the health, happiness, peace and prosperity you so deserve,



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