February 2012 – Love Yourself!

Dear Family and Friends,

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is fast approaching. You can see the ads in the newspapers, magazines, store displays and especially on the internet. Although still a few weeks away, you may already be thinking about what you want to get your husband, wife, significant other, daughter, son or best friend.

Whether you purchase something extravagant or send a simple card or greeting, the message is universal… “I love you!”

My message to you, my dear readers…especially if you are dealing with the symptoms of hypoglycemia…is to love yourself this Valentine’s Day! Love yourself first and foremost…and then you will be able to share that love with everyone else in your circle of life.

Many of you have read my story. Yes, I know firsthand the plight of the hypoglycemic because I have been there. I overcame 10 years of this debilitating illness, which included visits to dozens of doctors, an endless number of tests, and thousands of worthless and sometimes dangerous pills. I was even subjected to the administration of electric shock therapy—a horrific experience. A simple GTT (glucose tolerance test) and proper DIET finally led me on the road to recovery!

After my diagnosis in 1973, it took years for me to become the person I wanted to be…to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t have the tools that are available to you today…an easy-to-understand book to start me on my healing journey or the internet with educational material that can come to life at the click of a mouse.

As I look back, I believe my healing process took so long because of guilt! I was so sorry I had put my husband, children and family through what I thought was “hell.” I was hard on myself because progress was slow and, at times, I thought it came to a halt.

It took years to learn the power of love and forgiveness for the one person who needed it the most…me! I got it from everyone else…no questions asked; they gave it freely and constantly. But until I loved myself…and until you truly love yourself…total and complete healing is impossible. I won’t say that I never fall into the trap of beating up on myself once in a while, but I’m able to stop the negative thinking much more quickly. Now, more than ever, I reach out to family and friends, surround myself with people who support, inspire and love me for who I am. And when I really need help, I’m not afraid to reach out and ask.

While I was talking to my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Shirley Lorenzani, author of Candida: The Twentieth Century Disease, who is also one of the HSF’s medical advisors, I told her about this February blog and wondered what message I wanted to share. A light bulb went on, and I thought it would be great if Dr. Lorenzani shared her thoughts on self-love for Valentine’s Day. As always, she is there, no questions asked, for the HSF! So, dear readers enjoy the following…

“Celebrating with no sense of guilt that you are not in perfect health is the first step to self-love. Instead, look for evidence that you are steadily improving, and feel gratitude for that shift. Keep yourself out of victim thinking by participating in traditional ways. Allow yourself the luxury of indulging a bit on special occasions.

“Health is not built only on your food intake. Don’t you know a ‘health food nut’ who is chronically ill, grumpy, or depressed? Our internal diet, flowing minute by minute through every cell and organ of our beloved physical body, is a soup of our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. It probably affects us more than food. Become very aware of your thoughts and emotions. They are feeding you too!

“Valentine’s Day usually features chocolate, cards and flowers. Dine on a meal that works well for your blood sugar. After your meal, if you feel that you must eat chocolate, enjoy one small piece of the dark variety that is known to have health benefits and add a couple of nuts. Write a card to yourself, maybe reviewing your life and honoring yourself for having always done your best. List the qualities you most love about you. Pick a flower for yourself, buy a bouquet, or enjoy the aroma of an essential oil. All of these floral choices have healing properties and will add beauty to the already beautiful you.”

So from all of us to all of you…Happy Valentine’s Day!



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