Tips on Choosing a Physician

Excerpted & condensed from The Do’s and Don’ts of Hypoglycemia: An Everyday Guide to Low Blood Sugar.

  • Do choose a physician carefully – and preferably not during an emergency situation.
  • Ask for physician referral from friends, neighbors, family and business associates, hospitals and organizations. (Check out the link page on this website, it has an extensive list of foundations/organizations with referral listings.)
  • If you have a physician’s name you are considering, first call the office and ask if this doctor tests and treats hypoglycemia? Do they provide nutritional counseling? If the answer is no, can they refer you to someone else? What is their fee and do they accept insurance?
  • Once you’ve made your appointment, prepare a written list of your symptoms, as well as past medical records and bring that with you to your first visit.
  • It is wise to also bring a diet/symptom diary, which should include a list of everything you’ve eaten, or medication you’ve taken in the past 5 to 7 days, as well as the times you ate and any symptoms or reactions afterwards.
  • Do prepare a list of questions, and don’t hesitate to ask them.
  • Write down any instructions you receive.
  • Discuss a complete prevention program.
  • Discuss your concerns.
  • Be specific and to the point.
  • Get a second opinion, especially if you’re not satisfied with your first physician.
  • Remember that there are many caring, sensitive, trustworthy physicians out there who test and treat hypoglycemia. If at first you don’t succeed in finding one, try again!
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