Help! I have to have a colonoscopy. However, I have hypoglycemia and need suggestions fast.

I can only share with you what has helped me and so many others.

Preferably make a pot of homemade chicken soup the day before you have to fast. Remove all the solids from the soup leaving just the broth. If you can’t, purchase it fresh locally. As a last resort, get it from your local super market in a box, not a can. On the day of the fast, sip the chicken broth throughout the day. Rest as much as possible, sleep if you can and stay calm and positive. Do what works for you…read a book, watch TV and meditate…anything that doesn’t add stress. The day of the test, bring a snack with you, such as peanuts or whole grain crackers with cheese, that you can eat immediately after the procedure. –Roberta Ruggiero

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