An Exciting Announcement!!

April 1, 2017


Drum Roll Please

The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, Inc., is honored, proud and beyond excited to announce our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Wolfram Alderson, a life-long leader in human and environmental health, based in San Francisco, California!

To those of you who have played a role in getting the HSF where it is today, I send you my deepest and heartfelt appreciation!  Whether your participation has been large or small, whether a past or present contributor (with time or financial assistance), a leader or volunteer – you kept us up and running!  Now, with the addition of Wolfram to our leadership team, we are going to take our work to the next level. Building world-class organizations is Wolfram’s specialty. Most recently, he founded the Institute for Responsible Nutrition with Dr. Robert Lustig, growing the nonprofit to national prominence.

Under Mr. Alderson’s tutelage, here are the goals we will be pursuing for the HSF.

  • Expanding focus on metabolic health and nutrition.
  • Deepening the capacity of the organizational leadership and infrastructure.
  • Developing revenue-generating educational strategies focused on healthcare providers and patients.
  • Establishing a speakers’ bureau.
  • Building a large online presence by offering engaging educational content.
  • Implementing year-round fundraising, fully integrated with programs.

Wolfram states: “The root causes of metabolic disease are fundamentally the same – poor nutrition. The metabolic system is essentially our cellular engine, making (and destroying) all cells in our body. Hypoglycemia is on a long list of metabolic disorders that have a complex range of causes but are primarily food-related disorders. Hypoglycemia may be considered a ‘canary in the coal mine’ of metabolic disease. ‘The hypoglycemia of today is the diabetes of tomorrow,’ states the HSF website. This phrasing might seem simplistic, but low (and high) blood sugar are certainly an indication that something is seriously out of balance with the metabolic system (disruption in blood sugar metabolism caused primarily by diet).”

We envision the HSF retaining a reputation as the leading expert voice and advocate for people suffering from hypoglycemia. However, we acknowledge that hypoglycemia is just one disease that exists within a spectrum of metabolic disorders. In the field of metabolic health, the key players are all in silos – despite the common denominator of diet and nutrition that underlies all these diseases. Along with key partners, we can forge a unifying voice for a fractured and complex topic.

Our first order of business is growing the capacity of our leadership team. We are excited to announce the addition of two new board members, Dr. Uma Pisharody, a pediatrician and gastroenterologist, and Leslie Lee Sutton, a registered dietitian. Leslie, Wolfram, and I designed and implemented the Hypoglycemia Survey recently and then met up with Dr. Pisharody to participate in the Pediatric Metabolic Health Summit in Seattleas part of our ongoing commitment to sharing our knowledge and experience and learning from others’ expertise.

More exciting news is on the horizon, so please stay tuned during the coming months.  As we take our work to the next level, your support means more than ever! If you would like to join the HSF, in any capacity, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we would love to have you on board!

Here’s to your Health,


P.S. Questions for Wolfram Alderson? He can be reached at or through Linkedin.


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