August 2012 – Hypoglycemia Support Foundation’s Gala

It’s the hottest summer in years, but that doesn’t account for how the temperature’s rising at the HSF. We’re boiling! The incredible team of the HSF Gala Committee and volunteer members — led by our chair and co-chair, Tiffany and Mark Panciera — are hot and heavy, working round the clock, to make the 2nd Annual HSF Fundraising Gala a huge success!

I am attaching the gala invitation for you to see the announcement of our honorees and emcee while taking a sneak peak at the night’s incredible “Hollywood Style Extravaganza.” This will definitely be a night to remember!

However, behind the scenes and behind the hard work, we’re reminded of why we’re doing this and of our long-term goals. I have included below some emails received from individuals who visited our website. Please also check out the comments people leave on this blog.  It is to every one of them, and to the approximately 80 million Americans who have hypoglycemia and don’t know it, that all of us have dedicated time, energy, hard work and love. The success of this gala will ensure that the HSF’s mission — “to provide support, advocacy and information about the causes, prevention and management of hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar” — is not only alive but thriving.

However, before you read any of the correspondence below, please remember:

1) If you are experiencing severe symptoms, a medical diagnosis and treatment plan is crucial!
2) If you have not received an answer to your e-mail, please try again. At times, it is impossible to answer each and every request.
3) Check out the FAQ’s and all the blogs on the HSF’s website plus visit our Facebook page. The information is so vast, most of your questions should be answered or a link or source provided that can help you.
4) Check out the Dietary Suggestions, a must place to start!
5) For a list of places to find a physician, check out Helpful Links on our website and in the June 2011 blog.

Dear Roberta,

I bought your book yesterday and finished reading it that night. I couldn’t put it down. I was finally understood and vindicated. I am not mad, I am not a crazy person. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was about 14 and not told what to do about it or that it needed treating at all, but I knew to stop myself passing out and convulsing I had to eat sugar, literally teaspoons of sugar. I have been “treating” myself this way for years for I am now 42. After a string of failed relationships and an inability to finish anything, hospitalized countless times for clinical depression, post-natal depression and now I have Bi-Polar Affective Disorder, maybe what my real problem is this addiction to sugar. Maybe there is hope for me after all. I am excited to find out, so thank you for writing this superb book. It may also help my son who has been diagnosed with Autism.   Johanna

Hello Ms. Ruggiero,

I know, without a doubt, that I am suffering from hypoglycemia, and it is getting worse. Your website completely spoke to me and FINALLY made me realize I am not crazy, and not a hypochondriac! I really would appreciate it if I could speak with you or someone from your foundation…I would love to find a practitioner in the area where I live. I’m desperate and hoping you can assist.   Thanks, Donna


I have suffered with Hypoglycemia since I was a teenager. The last few weeks my symptoms have been out of control due to my own lack of understanding of my condition. I went to my general practitioner a few hours ago and he told me that this obviously isn’t Hypoglycemia and that I have an anxiety problem. He couldn’t be more wrong and I’m angry at his insinuation. I’m grateful to have your website as a resource and am excited to begin my own healing through the use of these tools. Thanks for creating a space where we can truly learn!    Happily yours, Melissa

Dear Ms. Roberta,

I feel so alone as though I am wandering in a desert or stranded on an isolated island. Not my family, friends or doctors seem to understand my mental and physical condition – hypoglycemia. I thought that once I was finally diagnosed, I would start to feel better but in essence I am worse. That is until I found your website and read your book. You brought me back to the reality that I alone now have to heal myself, one day at a time! Your information and encouragement is just what I needed to start today! How can I thank you?   Roselyn

I hope you continue to have a fabulous summer. Maybe we’ll see some of you on Oct. 6 at the gala!  Get ready to dance the night away – fun, food and fundraising – it can’t get any better that that!!

Here’s to your health,


  Click here to download gala invitation.



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